We are glad you stopped by! My name is Annie Unsell and I would like to introduce you to the sport of 10 Meter Air. If you are familiar with action shooting sports such as SASP, Steel Challenge, or Rimfire Challenge then let me tell you first that shooting 10 Meter Air is a very different experience yet just as rewarding. While an action shooting match is based on speed, 10 Meter Air is based on accuracy. In Steel Challenge you spend anywhere from less than a minute to a couple of minutes shooting. In a 10 Meter Air pistol match you will spend 105 minutes on 60 shots.

I first learned to shoot 10 Meter Air at the SASP Junior Olympic Training Camp in Colorado Springs during the summer of 2019. The first thing I learned was to slow down and focus on each individual shot. During my first match I finished with 25 minutes left on the clock. Coming from speed shooting, I had to learn to adjust my way of thinking, to slow down, and focus on accuracy rather than my speed. I had to train myself to breathe between shots as well. During a 10 Meter Air pistol match you have the freedom to stop and take a break from shooting in between your shots as long as you complete your 60 shots in the allotted time. 

This video shows the difference in action shooting vs.10m Air Pistol. 

The skills you learn while shooting 10 Meter Air Pistols are skills that can be used in action shooting sports.