As I began my journey into 10m Air Pistol shooting, I found it hard to find all of the answers that I needed. It is my hope that this FAQ page will help others find the information that they need. Feel free to send me any questions that you might have.

Where can I practice shooting my 10m Air Pistol given that most ranges are not set up for it? If you cannot find a club or range in your area, your basement or garage can be great place to setup targets and practice. Check out this link to see if their are any local clubs or ranges in your area. Check out USA Shootings Club Search.

What pistol is best to buy? We are currently trying to figure that out ourselves. First you have decide what fits in your budget. If the pistol you want doesn’t fit in your budget seek out some sponsors to help you out. Do you shoot other sports at a range or club? Ask them if they can help you out. Don’t give up! Used pistols are also available for purchase.

Best online source for information? The one place we have found online with the most information about shooting 10m Air Pistol is pilkguns.com It’s your best stop to learn about 10m Air Pistol shooting. They are also the distributer for Steyr-Sport in the US.