My Story

Annie Caroline Unsell

I am nineteen years old and began shooting at the age of 14, in July, 2014. My very first shooting match was the SASP National Championship in Illinois. Two years later, I won High Lady Rimfire Pistol at the SASP National Championship in Ohio. I took High Lady the following year as well. I am honored and blessed to be called one of the top female shooters in SASP, Steel Challenge, and Rimfire Challenge. I love shooting Iron Sight Rimfire Pistols and Rifles. I discovered a passion for 10m Air Pistol at the SASP Junior Olympic Development Camp in Colorado Springs, CO in May of 2019. My goal is to now pursue that passion all the way to the Olympics.

Shooting Action Sports has been one of my number one hobbies and passions in recent years. My other interests include ballroom dance which I have participated and competed in for the past 8 years. First and foremost though, my number one passion and interest is Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior and I long to tell others about His love. I love people and desire to serve others when I see opportunities to do so, especially the homeless and those living in need. I feel most like myself when I am competing in shooting sports and serving others.  


The following is a list of my major awards won over the past five years. Although winning these awards is always an incredible honor, more than anything, I want to show great sportsmanship, respect, and kindness to all of my fellow athletes. I consider many of my fellow athletes to be friends. I have built many amazing relationships through the sport of shooting. It is always a blessing to me to introduce other young ladies to the sport of competitive shooting. The Alabama Privateers SASP team is half female due to me being able to introduce these young female athletes to the sport. I am currently a member of the Steel Target Paint shooting team in addition to the Alabama Privateers team. My primary sponsors are Steel Target Paint and Hunters HD Gold Glasses. I am thankful to say that Hunters HD Gold is a primary sponsor for me in 10m Air Pistol as well. 

World Speed Shooting Championship – Rimfire Pistol Iron sights Lady 2nd Place 2019
US Steel Shoot 2018 – Rimfire Pistol Iron Sights Lady 1st Place 2018
Steel Challenge Grand Master – Rimfire Pistol Iron Sights and Rimfire Rifle Iron Sights. 2017
NSSF Rimfire Challenge World Championship – Lady Limited Division 3rd Place 2017
NSSF Rimfire Challenge Alabama State Match – 1st Lady Limited Division 2017
SASP National Championship – Senior Division Pistol High Lady Rimfire. 2016 & 2017
SASP Southwest Winter Regional Championship – High Lady Rimfire 2015 & 2016
SASP Southeast Fall Regional Championship – 2015