What type of equipment is needed to shoot 10 Meter Air Pistol?

Basic equipment your going to need a pistol, an air tank & adapter, pellets and a target for practice.

With the pistol you have many options to chose from. A great entry level pistol is the Air Arms Alfa Proj Competition Pellet Pistol which costs around $800.00 This is the pistol I shot at the SASP Junior Olympic Development Camp. It is easy to operate and very accurate for it’s price range.
You can find it at

All of the higher end pistols are going to have the capability to outshoot the athlete. If you have the possibility of testing out various models, it will help you decide the best fit for you. Below you will find some of the popular models. Sometimes it can be easier to order a pistol from Europe as some models are hard to find in the United States. New pistols will cost you anywhere from $800 to $2500 depending on options and triggers.

Walther LP 500 model is the latest update to the Walther line. The top of the line model is one of the coolest looking air pistol out on the market. Carl Walther Sports.

Steyr Evo 10 E has an electronic trigger or you can get one with a mechanical trigger. You can check out there products a

I shot the k12 Compact at the 2019 SASP National Championship demonstration. I loved shooting the Pardini. You can check out models